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“Hello Stranger”, is a work to flood the environment, filling the uncomfortable silence of ordinary days.

The melodies were created to be pleasant and light, harmonically contrasting with the most thought-provoking and enigmatic lyrics.

Despite the inspirations being the 70's/80's, the melodies and vocal tone are very reminiscent of the Brazilian music scene of the 80's/90's, in the soundtracks of the famous soap operas.



Hello Stranger takes effective if uncomplicated pop rock melodies from the 70s and 80s and turns them on their head. With lyricism that’s seemingly continually strange and cryptic, reminding me of a young Anthony Kiedis, there’s a strange poignancy that begins to shine over the record in totality. But what remains front and centre of Hello Stranger is a commitment to the effortlessly melodic, the basic and addictive tunes that any listener will find something deliciously addictive to sink themselves into.


Singer-songwriter Zachary Crawford lavishes talent on his new album.

The artist has just released his new album, Hello Strange, has 10 tracks and 39 minutes of pure delight.

The singer's new album already arrives on his first track showing what it came for, with an exquisite and lively rhythm the song is a real antidote to discouragement, a song that shows brings Jazz, pop and classic, fun work and at the same time full of weight in its genius composition.



Zachary Crawford is a singer - songwriter from Cork, Ireland. a musician from Cork, Ireland. His music is deliberately retro, with a smooth, West Coast, seventies feel. Lush synths, introspective yet immersive lyrics, dynamic backbone pulse, tight backing vocals and textured guitar waves, all recorded with a mix of analogue instruments and modern recording techniques. 





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